The video game industry expects its global growth to increase from $257,000 million in annual turnover this year to 321,000 million in 2026; this makes them the second most prominent entertainment industry and they want to expand their influence in other areas as well. like education.

Inside World Video Game Day, At the event celebrated today, August 29, various companies and organizations advocated supporting the digital content ecosystem not only in its fun aspect, but also as an educational tool that allows to raise awareness about digital content. social troubles like gender issues climate change, participation, etc.

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In this sense, because Alejandra Luzardo, leader in innovation and creativity at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)This is a “unique opportunity to transform” Latin America and the Caribbean As explained in the ‘Gamers and content: why video games are driven by their communities’ analysis created by this organization in collaboration with the tech company”, ethermax.

IDB started the project Sandbox-Audio-Audio to provide training in digital-related technical skills to young people aged 18 to 30 in the region living in vulnerable populations or minorities such as indigenous peoples, African descendants and people of African descent LGBTQIA+ community.

“It is undeniable that digital content has played a fundamental role in the growth of the creative economy in recent years,” Luzardo warned in the text. “Only 45% of people in Latin America have access to daily connectivity. What are the current opportunities left?” Out of reach of many high-potential people.”

creative economyaccording to the data, UNESCOrepresents 3% world GDP and employs more than 30 million people; and gaming-related content attracts an audience with over 100 billion hours of watch time and 40 million active gaming channels, according to platform records YouTube.

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For Juan Pablo Veiga vice president of ‘Brand Gamification’ at ethermax, an established company Argentina with their team Working in America and Europe The fact that digital tools dedicated to interactive entertainment “are accessible to anyone with access to a mobile phone” represent “a revolution and a way to empower people”.

Worldwide, around 60% of weekly players use their mobile devices; this rate has increased to 40% for traditional computers.

Veiga commented: “This form of expression sometimes crosses the language barrier, making content creation not only a means of entertainment but also a tool for expression, participation and democratization according to age, socioeconomic reality, language and even some disability.” when asked about EFE about the rolegame‘ in supporting knowledge.


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This is Averyanov, a man who was the target of the death of Prigozhin, the former head of the Wagner Group.

Source: Exame

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