Nintendo delivered some exciting news highlighting the release of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ in its latest Direct release. Wonder’ for Nintendo Switch console on October 20.

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This game is Super Mario Bros., after over a decade of 2D side-scrolling mechanics. marks his return to the series.

in this titlePlayers will have the opportunity to explore the six worlds of the ‘Flower Kingdom’, where wonderful flowers await.

These objects trigger “wow” effects that radically transform the experience. Self-propelled pipes, sloping terrain and perspective changes are just some of the innovations that touch a beautiful flower on a certain level.

‘There will be other beloved characters to accompany Mario on his adventure’Luigi’, ‘Peach’, ‘Daisy’, ‘Blue Frog’, ‘Yellow Frog’ and ‘Toadette’. For those looking for a more relaxed approach, there will be an option to play as ‘Yoshi’ and ‘Caco Gazapo’ as they will not take damage from enemies.

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The game offers new transformations for ‘Mario’ and his friends. “Elefanzana” causes the characters to become nets. For its part, the “Bubble” transformation allows bubbles to be used to ambush enemies from afar, while the “Drill” allows you to face armored or spiky characters, or even hide underground.

‘Super Mario Bros. In addition to the game mechanics, Wonder’ introduces the concept of badges, which are earned as you progress through the game and grant unique abilities. For example, the “jumping climber” badge enhances the character’s ability to jump off walls, while the “hook launcher” badge allows the character to cling to walls while airborne.

The multiplayer aspect is not far behind. Game Offers local multiplayer for up to four players on a single Nintendo Switch console, as well as online play via Nintendo Switch Onlineallows you to compete or cooperate at certain levels.

Nintendo will release a special edition of the Nintendo Switch console with a striking red OLED display, inspired by the iconic ‘Mario’. This version will be available from October 6th.

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