Inside Guaymaral Airport, located north of Bogotá and in Perales, Ibagué, has been persistently inquiring about the whereabouts of the well-known aviation businessman who frequently traveled by small planes. and the helicopters of his family’s company, which offers charter flights to executives, political campaigns, congressmen and individuals.

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last thing known At the beginning of June, he devoted himself to making a statement about one of the private jets on which Armando Benedetti, the former nanny of Laura Sarabia’s son and then ambassador, traveled from Venezuela to Bogota. He had no connection with the aviation company in which he was a director.

However, he is no longer returning calls and customers told EL TIEMPO that they are not getting back to him.or to see in Colombia.

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It’s about the pilot Carlos Eduardo Restrepo Osorio, known to his friends by the nickname Caco, is affiliated with the Ibagué Air Society (Sadi SAS).

EL TIEMPO has established through federal sources that Restrepo first voluntarily traveled to Florida on June 8 and introduced himself to agents who inquired about him: Julio Mena of the FBI and Danny Fleycher and Daniel MacDonald of the DEA, all from the Tampa division.

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Case, The investigation, which was handled under absolute secrecy, attracted attention on August 10 when the Sadi SAS company was included in the scope of the investigation with a decision of the National Electoral Board (CNE). These are ahead of the calculations of the Petro Presidente campaign.

The investigating judges – Benjamín Ortiz and Álvaro Hernán Prada – asked Dian “to provide information about electronic invoicing in which the Sociedad Aerial de Ibagué SAS company appears as buyer and issuer.” with NIT. 800,179,783-1 in the period between January 1 and December 31, 2022.”

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Moreover, Aerocivil was asked to check whether air transportation services were actually provided, as presidential campaign managers assured: among them is Ricardo Roa Barragán, his then manager and today president of Ecopetrol.

Inspection As a result of the transaction made in the campaign accounts, in the first round, the ‘Debts to be paid as of May 29, 2022’ table appears.

The first is invoice number SA4877 of Ibagué SAS Air Society dated 30 May 2022. For 2.770 million pesos.

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And in the box The ‘National Fund for Political Financing, transportation and postal services’ recorded an expense of 799,654,000 pesos for transportation with the same company affiliated with Restrepo.

About EL TIEMPO’s Carlos Eduardo Restrepo Osorio had already announced that FBI and DEA agents were interested in finding him to link him to the cocaine shipment seized on May 23, 2021. On a small plane taking off from Guaymaral and landing at Providencia airport.

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In the United States they are sure of this This drug flight is part of a network of active and retired police officers who took cocaine to Honduras and then shipped it to U.S. territory.

Federal sources announced Five days after arriving in Florida, the Colombian businessman pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges with his lawyer, Richard Díaz. This newspaper takes the relevant document and puts it forward.

“There was no need to file an indictment. A mid-district court in Tampa scheduled a hearing last Sept. 15 and rescheduled it for 9:30 a.m. Oct. 17.. On that day it will be clear whether Mr. Restrepo Osorio will remain in prison and for how long,” a source in Miami told EL TIEMPO.

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AND He added that it appeared to be listed in Pinellas County Jail records in Tampa.Florida.

In August 2021 – before the presidential campaign began – Restrepo admitted: WHEN Providencia narcoplane pilot Juan Camilo Cadena provided services to his company (as a freelancer) Over 6 years: “My uncle, who was a co-worker of my father’s, introduced him to me.”

As for his connection to Police Captain Jorge Isaac Aguilar, one of those captured by the Providencia drug plane, he limited himself to explaining that they were fellow students at the school: “We’ve been friends ever since.”

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But, Business people in the industry say Restrepo has recommended Aguilar several times.

Moreover they Chinese masks of the same brand as the masks that camouflaged the drug stash that fell on the drug plane are on sale: Face Mask made of fabric that prevents liquefaction and melt-blown filter.

Regarding Restrepo’s behavior in Colombia, investigators assure that he was subjected to a lengthy interrogation last March. Providencia declared that the businessmen who appeared to be the owners of the plane had no liability.

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But, The document remains under absolute confidentiality. It is also known that Restrepo bought a luxury property in Cali before leaving for Florida. On paper, its value appears to be close to 1.5 billion pesos.

a close friend Restrepo and the company Sadi SAS told EL TIEMPO that CNE did not call them and that they were unaware of Restrepo’s delivery version in the United States. They even stated that they did not know whether he still appeared as a shareholder or not.

Ricardo Roa’s representative at the CNE, lawyer Germán Palacio, reiterated that the campaign accounts are open and legal. They also announced that after requesting three quotes and choosing the best and most economical offer, a contract had been signed with Ibagué Air Society SAS for the service.

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And they abstainedand make any comments you may have regarding the bringing of Restrepo Osorio to justice.

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