PlayStation introduced a new Game statusspecial event dedicated to the show news that will appear in 2024. This year’s focus is on games for PS5 and PS VR 2, the virtual reality system for current-generation consoles.

State of Play comes a day after new PlayStation CEOs Hideaki Nishino and Hermen Hulst discussed the company’s plans for the future. The new era suggests simultaneous releases of games as a service on PC (helldivers 2), and story-driven adventures will remain on PS5 consoles longer. Another important issue is support for PlayStation VR 2, a virtual reality headset that is close to PC support.

First on stage agreement, a new multiplayer PvP first-person shooter from Firewalk Studios, coming to PS5 and PC. The game was announced a year ago at the PlayStation Showcase with a small teaser, and today two trailers were shown: one cinematic with narration and the other focusing on gameplay.

agreement (PS5, PC)

agreement This is a team shooter Overwatch where we will choose characters of different classes. The gameplay is insane in circular arenas with various obstacles and areas where we can use assistive gadgets.

agreement will available August 23rd on PC and PS5.

God of War Ragnarok (PC)

YouTube video

Port God of War Ragnarok for PC It’s official and it’s coming. September 19, 2024. In honor of this, PlayStation presented a new trailer with all the exclusive features of the computer version.

YouTube video

Hippopotamus (PS VR 2)

Behemoth is a fantasy game developed by Skydance that reminds us a lot of Skyrim. The first trailer shows us gameplay with melee and ranged weapons.

YouTube video

Marvel Rivals (PS5, PC)

Marvel RivalsA new PvP shooter based on teams of superheroes from the Marvel universe will premiere on PlayStation 5. The game is developed by NetEase Games and has every chance of becoming successful if it is well balanced and does not exceed micropayments. Owners PS5 will have access to closed beta testing.

YouTube video

Path of Exile 2 (PS5, PC)

If you’re a Diablo fan, you probably know The path of exile, an RPG that brings together the best of Blizzard games. The good news is that PS5 users will be able to enjoy a sequel to the game. Path of Exile 2, this year. The game will feature cross-play and, most importantly, cross-progression.

YouTube video

Silent Hill 2 (PS5)

The remake of Silent Hill 2, developed by Bloober Team, already has a release date. Players will be able to relive Konami’s survival nightmare on October 8, 2024. To celebrate the occasion, a new gameplay trailer shows us the good (and bad) sides of this game.


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