The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating news about the future of Microsoft and its gaming devices through 2023 while investigating the tech company’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

An exciting project Microsoft has on its hands appears in a series of recently shared documentsUnder the codename ‘Brooklin’, it promises to add a spectacular touch to the current next-generation video game console, Xbox Series X.

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The new Xbox Series X leaked in these documents has an interesting redesign: it would retain the characteristic black color and tower shape of its predecessor, but it would adopt a cylindrical design and, surprisingly, would have no disk drive.

This decision will make it a digital gaming-only console, but with an impressive 2TB of storage capacity. There will also be a USB-C port and WiFi6E connectivity on the front to keep up with technology.

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The most surprising thing is that this exciting Xbox Series But that’s not all.

Microsoft isn’t stopping there and is preparing a new trump card: a more affordable version of the Xbox Series X, known internally as ‘Ellenwood’. This version would have a capacity of 1TB and have an irresistible price of $299.

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Both game consoles, Brooklin and Ellenwood, They’re expected to make their big debut in late June or early July, just in time for the company to transition into fiscal 2025.

But that’s not the only thing Microsoft has in mind for gamers. The company is also working on a new, “more immersive” controller, internally known as ‘Sebille’.

This controller will offer an unprecedented cloud gaming experience thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, accelerometer and haptic responses.

It’s clear that Microsoft is determined to take gaming to a whole new level in the coming years.

*This content was prepared based on information received from Europa Press with the help of artificial intelligence and reviewed by the journalist and editor.

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