cumbia singer Huguito Flores, his wife and brother-in-law lost their lives in a tragic accident that occurred in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Wednesday night, September 20.

According to local media reports, the singer’s death occurred due to cardio-respiratory arrest “as a direct result of the severe injuries he received during the accident.”

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The 57-year-old famous artist was traveling with his wife in a Volkswagen Suran car. His wife, Carina Soledad Enríquez, whom he married in a private ceremony on September 15

Also in the vehicle were the artist’s brother-in-law, Rubén Horacio Enríquez, who died at the scene, and his 3-year-old daughter, who was in serious condition.

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According to the news of ‘El Liberal’, Flores was driving behind a truck that had no headlights and was carrying a water tank and firewood, when another vehicle entered the lane without realizing it and tried to escape. Flores caused the accident.

“He was going to hit the wooden pole of the truck loaded with firewood, which was embedded in the car.” After this collision, the vehicle would cross the lanes and collide with a Fiat Uno coming from the opposite direction and containing two people.

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The following was reported from the singer’s official Facebook account: “Unfortunately, Huguito Flores el Super had an accident, they are currently taking him and his little daughter to the hospital.”We ask for your prayers for them and their families. “It doesn’t matter what religion you are or what denomination you belong to, people are asked to pray.”

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