On June 3, a young couple went out to have fun at a place known as chiva rumbera in Valle del Cauca. an adapted stair bus with music and lights for residents to party on.

That day, Daniela Santiago and Nicolás Aristizábal Gómez, aged 17 and 18 respectively, were seen for the last time.


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Authorities received reports of dismembered bodies in a lagoon on the road to the Vencedores Battalion in Cartago, whose identities were confirmed by DNA tests. They were two lost teenagers.

Inside National Institute of Forensic Science They managed to gain an identity.


“The institutions are giving us reports on one of the cases in the city of Cartago that has created a lot of controversy, not only because of the sensitivity, but also because of all the aspects of the relatives in this search, the humanity that we understand creates despair,” said Mayor Álvarez.

“We have been officially informed by the full committee that, according to forensic reports, two of the bodies found in the lagoon belong to minors,” said the mayor of Cartago.

Álvarez pointed out that the investigations of the authorities made it possible to shed light on this terrible murder in which two children were killed.

The family always hoped that Nicolás Aristizábal would return alive to celebrate his 18th birthday. He was a legal minor when he disappeared.

Relatives expressed their rejection, pain and sadness on social networks.

“Today I just have to ask God to accept you in His Holy glory and thank you a thousand times for all the good things that happened with you, for being in my life and making me the happiest girl, for loving me unconditionally. This is something I will never be able to absorb because the way you leave leaves me breathless But I know that you fought until the last moment because you were Nico, you were the best without anything too big, you left your mark on every one of the people you shared with. Because there is no one like you,” said a person very close to him.

And he states: “You will always be remembered throughout my life and this is not goodbye, see you later because I know we will all meet again to continue to achieve every dream, every goal (…) nothing has happened since your departure we were the same, to make us laugh, To make us happy, your presence is needed until you make us happy, I still remember the first time I saw you and I would give my whole life to go back to that moment and hug you tight and come back and tell me you loved me and say “You would always be by my side, we would go far, we would go far, your success And believe me, that’s how it’s going to be.” You’ll continue to thrive there in heaven because one of the best little angels has arrived, she’ll always be with us.” .

In the video she published, Nicolás Aristizábal Gómez’s mother paid tribute to the Cartago mayor and pointed out that all search efforts were carried out by the same family until the DNA results of the two missing young people were received.

Another case of disappearance occurred on the same June 3 in Cartago, but this has to do with challenges to young people from social networks. At 5:00 that afternoon, a 16-year-old teenager apparently asked his mother for permission to visit some friends.

He allegedly encountered a boy of the same age who was traveling on a black NKD motorcycle.

The teenager would tell his mother that he was going to chiva rumbera that Saturday night. But they couldn’t get to that point.

Families became anxious as the hours began to pass on Sunday the 4th and Monday the 6th.

On Tuesday, the 7th, the motorcycle was found in a ditch near the El Guayabal neighborhood in the 7th commune of Cartago.

The same week, another teenager was reported missing in another part of this city, north of the Valle del Cauca, bordering Risaralda’s capital, Pereira.

The Cartago Police District reported progress in the escort and investigation at the time.

In these last two cases, Police point out the possible association with a challenge on social networks called the ’48 Hour Challenge’.

In this sense, the Police ask families to keep an eye on their daughters and sons so that they are not manipulated on social networks by people promoting these ‘challenges’.

The ’48 Hour Challenge’ is a competition to determine who has the most search engines or likes to ‘disappear’. In this case this is not confirmed.

In late April, two girls, ages 11 and 12, from two families in the Bosques de Maracaibo neighborhood of Tuluá were reported missing for 16 hours.


Maurice Armitage condemned the cruelty in the deaths of 3 indigenous people in the Valley in a pamphlet asking the Cali mayoral candidate to reject the request.
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Source: Exame

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