Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is a 56-year-old Mexican citizen, nicknamed ‘El Centauro’ due to the size of his genitals.

This man recently broke a record with his penis being 48 centimeters long, weighing 900 grams, and the circumference of his glans being 25 centimeters.

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When she was young, her member was very attractive and even dreamed of becoming a porn star in 2015: “I want to make a movie. Not because they pay me a contract, instead I buy all the equipment, I make it myself.” it distributes it in many languages ​​and distributes it in many countries,” he told ‘Vanguardia México’.

He even said that there was no need to make a movie at that time, because “he wanted my photos to be taken, recorded on television, etc., but no one was interested in me, they acted as if they didn’t see me.” what they see is what is in front of them,” he told ‘Vanguardia México’.

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However, according to the same interview, one of the Mexican’s dreams was to have a girlfriend and later a family: “With this money, he can even have a girlfriend, but if not, I can have children through artificial insemination. Someone who does that.” love me.”

However, due to his large penis, problems were just beginning, because Esquivel began to have a urinary tract infection, he could not sleep on his stomach, and since his penis started to reach his knees, he started tying it to his leg.

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A CT scan showed that this Mexican’s penis was not 48 centimeters long, but had a malformation. Dr. who conducted the studies. Jesús Pablo Gilmore determined that this man’s penis was actually 18 centimeters, the rest consisting only of foreskin and inflamed skin.

This is a result of Roberto Esquivel Cabrera hanging weights on his penis to enlarge it during puberty.

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When he became an adult, the above had serious consequences for him as he was unable to find a partner and only had sex once.

“I’ve never had a girlfriend or a partner or anything like that, they’ve never even given me a kiss. I like women, but I never had one, not even when I was a kid.” [Pequeño]however, it is less now,” he told ‘La República’.

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“People see me and most of them laugh, most of them are embarrassed or ashamed, or what do I know. Some boys or girls even see me as a monster. I can’t go anywhere in public, not even my parents’ house.” only from time to time with my mother,” he said in 2015.

Currently this man is asking the Mexican government for help reducing the size of the member.

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