former professional football player César Augusto Polo Tafur He died in the Intensive Care Unit from gunshot wounds sustained by a man who attempted a robbery while walking in Valledupar.

(In context: Valledupar: Former football player César Augusto Polo is in critical condition after being shot during a robbery).

Polo, who played for Valledupar FC and was committed to managing synthetic pitches, was captured on September 21. At around 11 o’clock he was passing through the center of the capital Cesar. A man dressed in black attacked him and pulled his gun to make him hand over his belongings.

The athlete was reportedly carrying a suitcase and refused to give it to the subject. According to security camera footage, he was shot at close range in the neck and chin within seconds.

He was transferred to a medical center and remained intubated and under medical supervision from then on. “The part where the bullet injured him did a lot of damage because he had arteries, veins and veins in his neck and that affected him,” his sister Lizzeth Stabilito told local media. Pylon.

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Tafur was taken into surgery. Doctors told his relatives that this was necessary. wait for its evolution to determine whether it will have consequences on its neurological system.

“He had complications, it even caused him to have a seizure during surgery. So they gave him a lot of blood there and kept him on medication so he could do things right,” Stabilito said.

On September 26, the man nicknamed ‘Champions’ died at the age of 42.

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The man who shot the former football player immediately ran away. Valledupar Police are taking action to identify and locate him. They are reviewing security cameras that recorded the shooting.

The hypothesis so far is that this will be a robbery.. However, authorities did not confirm the cause of the incident.

More than 90 people were killed in Valledupar between January and August 2023. Therefore, the Police implemented the 360 ​​shock plan to combat the criminal activity plaguing the capital of Cesar.

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Source: Exame

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