Team This is one of Ubisoft’s most unusual franchises. Although games in the series are rarely nominated for Game of the Year awards, they managed to sell a total of 40 million units. That is why the publisher continues to rely on the racing genre and this year it has a new offer with Motofestival “Crew”.

Ubisoft’s new Ivory Tower game departs from the concept of previous games in which we had to compete in a US-scale version. Motofestival “Crew” takes us to the island of Oahu, Hawaii, permanent open world with diverse races which take advantage of the island’s geography. The idea of ​​becoming a better runner is also left behind, as the game focuses on a more relaxed session where the goal is to have fun.

True to its name, Team: Motofest invites us to take part in the festival with events in all types of disciplines. In the first minutes of the game the experience is incredibly similar to Forza Horizon 5, with intertwined careers and millennials who never tire of telling you how great the festival is. The similarities with the Playground Games game are obvious not only in the production, but also in some game additions.

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Motofestival “Crew”

Ubisoft is reinventing its franchise formula and delivering a simpler, more enjoyable concept. Although the similarities with The power of the horizon Obviously, Motofestival “Crew” It has enough elements to shine on its own. A variety of game modes, attractive multiplayer and stable performance at 60 frames per second are its calling card. This is undoubtedly the best game in the series, although it does have some flaws that hold it back from being the best. Arcadian race.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Welcome to Motofest

Once the skill mix is ​​over, Motofestival “Crew” shows his true colors. Ubisoft’s game doesn’t just involve you in random events to win money or accumulate cars, it offers playlists. Are thematic events similar to the events we see in Forza Motorsportwhere racing is focused on manufacturers, categories or specific car models.

The first listings will take you on a tour of Oahu at various locations, put you behind the wheel of a Japanese classic, or take you on a tour through the history of the Porsche 911. Motofestival “Crew” allows you to choose a vehicle immediately after the campaign begins, although it will only serve to transport you between events, as many will offer you rentals. As you progress and earn money, you will be able to purchase the vehicles needed to compete in more advanced races.

The lists are entertaining and include supercars, electric cars, classic or competition(with everything and a pit stop). Motofestival “Crew” Motorcycles and airplanes were not spared, although in this part they are not as relevant as in previous games. The developers gave greater importance for motor culturetherefore, the best use of a small aircraft would be to speed up travel between each event.

Despite the diversity in the game lists, the first hours are tiring, since fast travel is limited to a few areas. Some races have no logical sequence and require you to drive several miles to find the next event. In this aspect Motofestival “Crew” look like Need for Speedwhere you will have to navigate streets and avenues with heavy traffic.

Graphically the game has excellent visual detail and Consoles have a 60fps mode.. If you want to enjoy better graphics, you can select the 30fps mode, although the gameplay is not adapted and the blurring of the image may make you sick. performance mode is stable and during my experience I didn’t notice any frame drops, even in areas with the most particles or visual effects

Improved control, although not as precise.

Gameplay Motofestival “Crew” leans towards the arcade. Unlike Forza Horizon 5where you can turn off assists and get control similar to Forza Motorsport, in a Ubisoft game it is best to use the default scheme. The developers included multiple availability options including adapted difficulty, automatic braking, one-handed control and much more.

It is possible to play without assistants and adjust individual values ​​to avoid oversteer, improve balance or brakes. Although this increases income at the end of a career, the reward system Motofestival “Crew” It’s so poorly balanced that it’s not worth it.. On top of that, doing this in a multiplayer race is shooting yourself in the foot as it puts you in a dangerous position compared to those running with all the aids.

Improvements in control are obvious when compared with Team 2although they are not enough to overcome The power of the horizon. In this section, Playground Games is king With gameplay fast and responsive. Toyota Supra driving experience Forza Horizon 5 It’s infinitely better than Motofestival “Crew”Where The car responds adequately to every turn and to drift.

Undeniable resemblance to The power of the horizon

To say it Motofestival “Crew” is a copy The power of the horizon it would be unfair since its creators are responsible for Test drive without restrictions. Not only did the 2006 classic serve as inspiration for the open-world racing game concept, but many of the elements we see in Playground Games’ games were created by some of the developers currently working on Ubisoft’s Ivory Tower.

Like The power of the horizonexperience in Motofestival “Crew” leans more toward single player play. There are modes such as Grand Race with up to 28 players on a map or Demolition Royale with 32 vehicles divided into 8 teams. Whatever your choice, you must take into account a small but unpleasant detail: The game requires a constant Internet connection.

Motofestival “Crew” inherits some good and bad things from the previous one The power of the horizon. On the one hand, we have rewind, which allows you to go back a few seconds in case of an error. it’s the same excess optimism in heroes and AI that makes jokes so stupid you’ll want to turn off your voice.

Another similar element is the track line, a feature included by default in almost all racing games. His performance in Motofestival “Crew” very similar to Forza Horizon 5. brake tip is inaccurate and in some cases doesn’t allow you to see shortcuts to defeat your opponents.

Value Motofestival “Crew”?


Motofestival “Crew” has enough elements to gain a foothold in a segment dominated by The power of the horizon. While the gameplay isn’t as polished as Playground Games’ gameplay, the concept of playlists sets it apart from its competitor.

During the game I encountered two unforgivable mistakes. The first is that requires you to spend many hours to discover the best what it can offer. This Japanese RPG mentality doesn’t apply these days, especially with the top releases we saw in 2023.

The second has to do with microtransactions. Although it’s valuable Motofestival “Crew” don’t accept the slot machine concept you have The power of the horizon, He grinding looks like something from a mobile game. To buy a supercar using in-game coins, you need to win between 10 and 12 races, although you can skip this if you pay with real money.

Compared to its predecessors, Motofestival “Crew” This is the best game in the franchise. Ubisoft Ivory Tower has refined its formula, although it has eliminated some of the elements that set the saga apart from its competitors. The concept of something crewor motorcycles and airplanes relegated to the background.

If you want to try the game before you buy, you can pay for a month of Ubisoft+ and play the Ultimate Edition.

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