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Far Cry 4, Monkey Island and WRC 8 are now available for free on Amazon Prime Gaming this month


Finding free games is very easy these days, and frankly, we’re glad it is. Companies seem to have realized that by offering a series of games from time to time, users remain loyal to their services and, above all, use them day in and day out.

Over the past few weeks, we have mainly collected free games from different platforms. The most normal thing is to find them on the Epic Games Store though Amazon Prime Gaming offers very interesting free games of the most amazing quality..

On the Amazon gaming platform, we found several titles, the first is a triple game with a fairly large value in the sector and, above all, at a price that is usually around 50 euros. Now it’s completely free and we’ll tell you how to get it permanently.

Don’t waste your time, Amazon Prime Gaming has Far Cry 4 for free and you can get it right now

Far Cry 4 may be the most famous game that Amazon Prime Gaming offers for free, but there are other very interesting games out there. Yes, Far Cry 4 is owned by Ubisoft and It completely immerses us in a mountainous area ruled by a criminal organization that we will have to take care of..

The truth is that although it seems like a narrow argument, Ajay Gail, our protagonist, will be completely immersed in the liberation of the people of Kyrat because his mother’s last wish was for his ashes to rest where he was born and, as always, life has other plans..

To get this game, all you have to do is follow the following link we leave you, after which you will only have to link your Amazon Prime Gaming account to your Amazon account. By doing this, you will only need to get the first one, in the case of Far Cry 4, this is most likely an activation code from the Ubisoft store..

Of course, this is not the only game that will be released this week. There’s also Escape From Monkey Island, a classic among the classics.. Astrologaster that puts you in the shoes of a doctor treating his patients with astrology. Acroos the Groovers takes you on a stroll through Europe as you unravel the mysteries.

Calico is another free-to-play game from Amazon Prime Gaming and it’s up to you to take care of your dining room with a modern, bright and inviting design. The latest game is WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship and there is not much to say about it, if you like dirt, speed and cars, this is your game.

Source: Computer Hoy

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