In the early hours of October 7, a serious situation of violence broke out in the Middle East: Palestinian militias attacked We attacked Israel with thousands of rockets. Gunmen infiltrated Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip this morningexactly in the city of Sderot.

The surprise attack left thousands of chilling images on social networks and worried the world.

(Context: Urgent: Israel declares state of war after powerful multiple attack from Gaza).

According to EFE, the Islamist group Hamas is responsible for the attack, which confirmed that more than 5,000 rockets were fired into the heart of Tel Aviv and announced the launch of the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation.

Israel declared is at war and has already responded to attacks by bombing several Hamas facilities. As the beginning of Operation Iron Sword in the Gaza Strip.

For now, internet users point out that Palestinian terrorists are shooting innocent civilians on the street.

Follow What’s happening minute by minute in the Middle East.


Source: Exame

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