Electronic Arts (EA) surprised football fans by announcing its next game, EA Sports FC Tactic. This game will feature a turn-based strategy system. The news was announced with a statement on the company’s website.

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On September 29, EA released the EA Sports FC 24 title, marking the beginning of a new era following the termination of the agreement between EA and the International Football Federation (Fifa). This agreement, which lasted almost three decades, ended in May 2022, leaving behind a long tradition of Fifa games.

In this context, the company decided to expand the EA Sports FC series into the world of iOS and Android mobile devices, giving birth to EA Sports FC Tactic. This game maintains the essence of the football fans know and love, but introduces a completely new dynamic where strategy and turns will be the key to success.

EA Sports FC Tactical will offer the opportunity to have more than 5,000 unique players from more than ten leagues, Including Premier League, LALIGA EA SPORTS, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A.

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The title will focus on strategic decision-making, resistance and power management. Players will face challenges in simulated matches where each round will provide opportunities to defend, attack, show off their skills and go for the goal.

EA Sports FC Tactical will also offer a variety of game modes. People will be able to enjoy friendly online matches with friends and participate in intense competitions that include ranking matches, leagues and guilds.

Customization will be a key part of the gaming experience, as users will be able to train their players to unlock high-skill moves and add special features for deeper progression. They will also have the opportunity to personalize their teams with design elements for stadiums, jerseys and balls.

EA Sports FC Senior Vice President and General Manager Nick Wlodyka expressed his excitement about this new chapter in the series. EA Sports FC Tactical represents a completely new football experience and aims to attract fans of turn-based strategy games to the EA Sports FC community.

The launch date is planned for early next year, but players can now pre-register via Google Play and the App Store to be the first to enjoy this football experience on mobile.

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Source: Exame

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