video exactly when there are two men They threw the explosive device on a motorcycle into a motel in the town of Tunjuelito, in the Venice region.


In the audio-visual work, it was recorded that the motorcycle grill man took the grenade out of his pocket, got off the motorcycle, threw the explosive at the main gate of the facility and then started to run away from there. The video is a key piece in the investigation of authorities, who are offering up to 10 million pesos to anyone who can provide information leading to the capture of the alleged criminals.

Just seconds after the grenade was thrown onto the property, it can be seen how it exploded, affecting the motel’s infrastructure. For now, authorities led by Sijin are investigating the incidents and stepping up searches to catch the two drivers.

Colonel Javier Gallego of Mebog reported that investigations are currently ongoing regarding evidentiary materials obtained from the initial investigations. It is known that there were two people on the motorcycle. Those who escape after completing the criminal act.

“From now on, the agency is taking different measures with undercover and uniformed agents in this part of the city. Likewise, we call on the community to help identify criminals. Therefore we have up to 10 million pesos No matter who provides information,” the Mebog operation commander explained.


Source: Exame

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