Driving while performing extremely dangerous and irresponsible maneuvers that endanger people or property: $1,045,000“.

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This is the violation issued to the driver who got into a fight with other drivers on Thursday, October 19th. and pedestrians at the entrance of the Movistar Arena in the afternoon.

In the videos, it is seen that he tried to jump from the entrance line and was hit by the car next to him, following complaints from pedestrians.

A few seconds later, it hits the driver of the crashed vehicle, leaving him trapped between two cars. The events took place last Tuesday.

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The driver and owner of the vehicle is Ricardo Augusto Galvis Noyes. Renault Scenic trying to flee the scene while people were banging on the windows and swearing to stop him.

According to Galvis, 62, he is devoted to the medical profession and is the father of a student from the Andes.

Videos of the events circulating on the networks show the following: The people involved were trying to enter the graduation ceremony at Universidad de los Andes.

Bogotá Traffic Police reported that in addition to the fine, there were complaints about personal injuries and damage to other people’s property.

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Additionally, the driver was caught at the Movistar Arena and was immediately tried.

It is unknown where he left the vehicle. He entered Movistar on foot and was stopped in the bathroom“said a judicial source. It appears the car may have been handed over to a third party and stored in a car park.

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Cameras are being examined to determine their whereabouts There is Renault Scenic.

Driver representative andHe accompanies her to the case, and those close to her claim that some of the backlash comes from a place of self-defense..

They are looking for the third person who intervened in the fight and attacked Galvis Noyes.

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Source: Exame

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