The rise of esports has been evident in recent years, and Latin America is no exception. Against this backdrop comes the Pittsburgh Knights, a team that has not only raised the name of South America, but also secured a coveted spot at BLAST R6 Major Atlanta.

The South American team, consisting mostly of Argentinians and one Paraguayan, once again demonstrated their tactical mastery and unmatched skill after their decisive victory over Maycam Evolve in the Last Chance Qualifiers. This victory earns them a direct ticket to the Six Major tournament in Atlanta, which brings together the world’s best in Rainbow Six Siege.

Jerónimo Vallejo, known as “Tucu” in the gaming world, shared the team’s excitement in an interview with EL TIEMPO: “It was incredible, it was an unreal feeling. It is not noticeable at the moment, but we are very happy.”

And no wonder the preparation process is intense. “We have been training at least 8 or 9 hours a day since April. Apart from that, the mental level has also been the key to enduring so many matches in a row,” Tucu said.

It hasn’t all been easy. In a world where hundreds of people are connected and expect to see the team work, pressure and stress are constant. However, Tucu emphasizes the mental strength and unity of the group as the cornerstone of overcoming these challenges: “We are more like a family. Having a good mental level guarantees half the game.”

For your part, Colombian Manuel Alejandro Castro, Esports coordinator for the Pittsburgh Knights, talked about his experience working with the team: “I see the team as very strong. There is a very healthy atmosphere among them.” Manuel emphasized the importance of continued support so that players only have to worry about the competition.

Both members are excited and eager for what is to come. They know they will face difficulties, but they trust their preparation and their team. “We are aware that we will face a difficult group, but we are still willing to play the first match and do our best,” Vallejo said. said.

Castro points out: “If we manage to get through the group stage, I think we have a good chance of winning the Invitational and also advancing to the rankings. Global Invitational in Brazil next year. “That is our goal and we are confident we will achieve it.”

Tucu has a clear message for those who want to step into the world of esports: “Dreams come true. You should follow them with enthusiasm.” Manuel adds the importance of dedication and continuous learning.

BLAST R6 Major Atlanta is structured with competitions at different stages and stands out with its competition format. Play-ins will take place on October 30 and 31. The Playoffs will then be held on November 2-6, with the finals on November 9-11.Four different groups were organized in the tournament:

All of these teams will compete in a double-elimination format, with only the top two placed teams in each group advancing to the next stage, the Playoffs. Considering the presence of high-quality teams in the world of Rainbow Six, intense competition is expected.

Source: Exame

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