An unfortunate incident occurred with the discovery of a dead woman in the El Encanto hotel, located in the south of Bogotá, specifically at Carrera 86 and 38 in the Caldas neighborhood of the town of Kennedy.

Authorities, upon the call of one of the workers there, They found the body of the woman in question, with a bag over her head and signs of strangulation.

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According to B.Lu RadioIt was learned where the victim, aged 25-28, was in the early hours of the morning and entered the site with an unknown man. He is the prime suspect of the murder.

The couple was staying in room 208, where the woman was found dead.

“The murder occurred inside the hostel in La Perla del Encanto. “A woman with a bag over her head,” the authorities said, adding that the murder apparently occurred around 12 noon on Sunday, October 29.

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On the other hand, Witnesses identified the woman as a Venezuelan sex worker.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident to clarify the facts and find the culprit.


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Source: Exame

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