Next year, it’s almost certain that the people of Kyoto will release a next-gen console. Rumors about nintendo switch 2 They are becoming stronger and, in fact, the company no longer hides the fact that new equipment is appearing. However, the first official details remain under lock and key… or not. new patent gave us a glimpse of the device that the Switch 2 could possibly become.

Document discovered GameRant, introduces a console that will remind you a lot of the Nintendo 3DS. And its main novelty is that it combines two internal touch screens. Now, unlike the laptop released in 2011, the new device The panels can be detached so two players can use them independently.. However, they can still communicate with each other wirelessly.

Essentially, this offering is similar to what we currently have with the Nintendo Switch, from which you can detach the Joy-Cons and use them separately. Patent, just registered last week (in accordance with, goes even further by having each player have their own screen to view the game.

In the title of this post I mentioned three screens. Well, the third one is located in the back of the console. That’s why, After closing, you can continue to use some features.. Yes, it will be an experience similar to that offered by foldable smartphones, which, when closed, support user interaction through a third panel.

Nintendo Switch 2 Patent

Beyond the images, Nintendo isn’t providing any more detailed information about its hardware. It will be interesting to see if this idea comes to fruition on the Nintendo Switch 2. To be fair, it probably will. In each generation, the big N strives to offer an experience different from the previous one.

Although the current Switch has been selling like hotcakes since its launch, this does not guarantee that the company will again choose an identical format for the Nintendo Switch 2. That is, a hybrid console. It may retain the idea of ​​being used as a laptop or desktop depending on the user’s needs, but it must add something significant to differentiate itself from its predecessor.

So the patent shows how we can change our game. Instead of just lending our friend a Joy-Con, we’re giving him the full pad. This option may be ideal for example in games such as Mario Kart. Local two-player play involves splitting the same screen into two areas, while Nintendo Switch 2 allows each player to have a full screen. Next year we will dispel doubts…

Source: Hiper Textual

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