Although it is true that there is a quantitative housing deficit in Cundinamarca, corresponding to 44,815 housing units (4.74 percent), It cannot be ignored that there is an irregular and rapid growth, especially in some municipalities of Central and Western Sabana.

And it’s no secret that some of these places have problems, especially in terms of utilities and road infrastructure; This means that the quality of life of many residents is not what was expected or what it was. few years left.

According to projections National Administrative Statistics Office (Dane)It is estimated that by 2024 there will be 3,657,455 people in Cundinamarca, mostly young people between the ages of 15 and 39.

It is clear that accelerated and uneven growth did not occur in all municipalities of the department, but particularly in those surrounding Bogota.

According to the data of the Cundinamarca Habitat and Social Housing Secretariat, the municipalities that approved the most construction permits in 2022 were:: Soacha (5,009), Tocancipá (4,471), Camira (4,159), Cajicá (3,904), Fusagasugá (2,778), Chía (2,128), Madrid (1,389) and Zipaquirá (1,831).

However, it is important to note that none of the ministerial units can decide how each district will grow, as each mayor has autonomy. It is important to note that during and after the pandemic, many people chose a second home in Sabana Centro or in areas with warmer temperatures, such as Fusagasugá.

According to Miller’s Comet, Director of Cundinamarca Planning and Interinstitutional Coordination, the quantitative deficit corresponds to 44,815 The government made an investment of $45,670,000,000 and supported the regions with housing projects in municipalities, especially in rural areas. Villeta, Camira, Guasca, Tocaima, Ricaurte, Villapinzón, Nilo and La Mesa; and also with purchasing sources.
In terms of quality, it is 236,034 (24.97 percent) and improvements were made to the floors, roofs, rooms, kitchens, facades and storage systems of 4,769 houses.

According to experts, the migration of those living in the capital to the municipalities had a lot to do with people. was slightly concerned about having larger and greener areas, but at the same time, despite the real estate offers in the municipalities Sabana Centro has appreciated rapidly, generally still offering a better price per square meter than Bogota; in addition to the lower value of utilities.

Other reasons why many people choose to leave Bogota are that capital prices are much higher and construction companies find low-cost land in the countryside, with few urban controls and projects that give them good profitability.

However, Miguel Ángel Díaz, a topographic engineer with a master’s degree in Urban Management and professor at Manuela Beltrán University, assures that the territorial planning plans of these places are not designed to grow too much, and the proof of this is the urban problems. mobility and public services offered.

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“The municipalities surrounding Bogota are facing great pressure due to the lack of land in the city, but they are not particularly prepared in terms of aqueducts and sewers, but this causes more taxes and this is good for some leaders,” Díaz said.

A clear example of this is the case of Cajicá, Chía and Soacha; Although these places have made major real estate developments,We are inadequate in terms of road infrastructure, health and public services. This newspaper has even noted that endless traffic jams have occurred on various occasions in both the Central and Western Sabana municipalities and that travel times are gradually increasing.

Díaz argues that the solution to this rapid growth problem requires limits on urban expansion and construction, as well as high investment in infrastructure and public services.

“In addition, new leaders need to comply with planning plans, update them and determine critically whether what is in this plan is good for the regions,” Díaz said.

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He added that there must be a way for people to have everything. to provide services in the same area and carry out comprehensive improvement plans to improve social, urban and environmental conditions The economic status and situation of the people living in these places beyond the reach of organized urban planning.

Bayer stated that it is necessary for citizens to intervene in municipal issues and said, “They want it, they embrace it and they accompany mayors and government teams to give ideas and improve coexistence, environment, security and public.” gaps.”

“Incoming leaders should seek advice from experts and correct course, conduct studies and guarantee resources, technical and financial support and technology together with Bogota and the government,” the regional expert said.


Source: Exame

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