In an age where technology is rapidly advancing, it is common for technicians who repair appliances in other people’s homes to request images of the problem affecting the device they need to fix. This is exactly what happened to a television repair expert who asked the owner of the broken device to send him a video to diagnose the fault.

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However, in this case, the images the expert received were different than he expected. The recording became a viral phenomenon on social media, thanks to the woman’s funny observations that had nothing to do with the technical problem. The lady’s daughter shared the footage on TikTok and quickly became famous for her unexpected comedy.

The woman’s daughter, user @Clari.pra, shared the clip along with a screenshot of her WhatsApp conversation with her mother. In the conversation, Clari explained that she needed a video from the television so the technician could diagnose the problem, and asked if she could take the video since she wasn’t at home.

The video in question showed the lady in front of the television and began with a strange presentation: “Hello and welcome, I will send you this video of the television you want me to repair.” Meanwhile, her daughter Clari commented on the video with her ironic impressions of her mother’s behavior: “Who is she talking to?”

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The woman continued to explain the television in a humorous manner, even showing the dimensions of the device by comparing it to an armchair and talking about the attendant who set up the television stand. Clari could not hide her surprise and wrote sarcastic comments on the images.

“Come, this is television,” the mother continued, adding the ‘tiktoker’ text: “He thinks he is a ‘youtuber’.” “And if you want to see the dimensions of the television, you can compare it with this sofa, which is a large loveseat,” the lady explained.

The woman also quickly pointed out the device’s label, and her daughter joked: “Don’t show them the label so clearly, or it will be of use to them.” However, the most surprising thing was that the woman said that there was Netflix on the TV and that she was addicted to the ‘Outlander’ series.

“Oh, television… I’m telling you, there’s Netflix. I loved the ‘Outlander’ series. But I can’t see it now, because look, the TV doesn’t work, it doesn’t turn on, it doesn’t turn on,” Clari’s mother can be heard saying in the clip.

As the woman speaks, her daughter’s comment appears on the screen: “She gives them advice. Ha ha ha”. Then the ‘tiktoker’ posted a photo of a child with an incomprehensible expression and wrote: “Technician watching the video: I don’t understand anything.” Finally, the daughter’s strongest criticism of the mother appears on the screen: “Provoking her to show the problem “It didn’t even occur to him.”

The video went viral on TikTok in just one day, garnering over 3.2 million views and thousands of comments from users, but many took it with humor. Some praised the mother’s “TV profile” and her recommendation of the “Outlander” series, while others expressed their surprise and laughed.

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Source: Exame

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