The key to success? Paulinha Leite, Brazilian teenager who won the lottery more than 50 timesHe revealed the secret formula for success in the betting world: Pay attention to the numbers and follow the statistics.

Draw in Brazil Mega da ViradaIt will take place on December 31st. Many fans of games of chance and fortune are eager to participate in the event, which has an estimated cumulative total of $550 million.

According to Brazilian newspaper ‘O Globo’, this amount will be the highest amount offered in the history of that lottery and a young woman has revealed the secret formula that she has won more than 50 times to help those who are waiting.

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Paulinha Leite was born in the Brazilian state of Roraima, located in the northernmost part of the country.. According to the media mentioned above, he always had a passion for numbers from a very young age, even his favorite subject was mathematics.

When he grew up, he decided to realize his dream and his love for numbers: He started betting regularly and opened a company focused on prizes. The key, as he puts it, is “playing to win.”

The Brazilian is clear about two things to gain: Pay attention to the numbers and follow the statistics.

“One has to play with the belief that one is talented. One has to play to win. A lot of people come to me and say, ‘Wow, I wanted to win the lottery as much as you did, but I never played because I don’t play.’ I don’t believe that,'” Leite said. ‘To that Globe.

He noted that paying attention to important dates such as birthdays, phone numbers and addresses can be a good strategy because people tend to choose “meaningless” numbers in some situations.

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“I’ve been doing this and it’s been working for a long time,” the Brazilian said.

The young woman matched many numbers in Mega Da Virada, so many followers of the draw want to put her formulas into practice.

Due to his experience in the betting world and his passion for mathematics, he knows that everything is a relative analysis and statistics show various numbers. According to that, You should be aware of repeated numbers and combinations that may arise..

“All these are statistics, at the end of the day any number can appear, but there are also numbers that appear more. I think it is very relative, because a number that has never appeared can appear now, on the 31st of the month.” ,” he expressed.

Paulinha Leite’s story joins other shared experiences of people who have been successful in betting. For example, Stefan Mandel case, A Romanian man who attracted the attention of the authorities and the media with his unconventional strategy of winning the lottery 14 times.

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The man’s method challenged the punters. Together with his economist friends, he created a formula that consisted of buying tickets with the combinations he offered and investing the optimal amount to find the winner.

Although successful, his strategy was discovered by the CIA and FBI and Mandel was forced to post bail.

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