When choosing a computeractorThere are several technical specifications that you need to consider. But the starting point – as well as the budget – is to identify the games you want to install, because the choice of processor, storage, display, among other basics depends on this to get good performance.


To put this bluntly, it’s possible that your first ‘gaming’ PC will need a graphics card and not a graphics card. processor with integrated graphics (APU) for example. This will reduce its cost initially.

The next question to solve is whether the use of the equipment will be exclusively at home or whether you should be able to take it with you everywhere.

This way, you can choose between a cabinet or laptop, each with their pros and cons. Although the former is larger and heavier, it is also stronger and easier to upgrade; Secondly, it stands out for its portability, being an ‘all-in-one’ solution and offering a balanced configuration, although with little possibility of updates.

A good graphics processing unit (GPU) opens up a world of possibilities beyond gaming. A good graphics card gives you more frames per second (FPS), visual quality, and access to the latest games and applications. Even with good graphics, you can run AI models on your computer. Stable Diffusion.

On the one hand, look at the quantity. GPU graphics memory (VRAM). The more, the better. And look at the technology it brings with it; one is not the same Nvidia GPU More of the GTX series than RTX, the latter includes visual effects such as: ray tracing Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence technologies, it provides better quality with fewer resources. If you’re looking for a desktop, consider the size of the graphics card and the available space in your case.

When you know what type of games to play and what components to use, average resolution and frames per second (FPS) you can desire. With this in mind, you will be able to make a logical decision when purchasing a monitor.

If your computer can only run games in Full HD, a 4K resolution monitor isn’t worth it; If you’re looking for more smoothness and your graphics card can hit 120 FPS or higher, a monitor with a 60 Hz refresh rate isn’t worth it.

On keyboards, RGB aesthetics It is generally preferred; However, peripherals with special functions such as macro keys are also recommended. The best option is mechanical keyboards.

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This is one of the main challenges facing computers, because you can have the best parts, but poor cooling can slow down the performance of the equipment and even cause irreparable damage.

For desktop computers, two types of cooling: More economical via air or more efficient via liquid. The choice depends on the graphics load you will apply to your computer. When it comes to laptops, they come with their own systems. Some even use liquid metalIt is extremely effective at dissipating heat to the CPU and GPU surfaces.

Likewise, you should also consider the dust protection and maintenance required by each cooling system when making your decision.

It is one of the most important components of any computer and has a huge impact on the performance of applications and games. Here we must understand that number is not everything, generation is also important. Intelor in case of series amd; So the sixth generation Core i9, 13th generation Core i9. The newer the processors, the more efficient and powerful they become.

According to Lenovo, it is important for a gaming PC to have at least one processor for it to work properly. Ryzen 5or a core i5 Like CPU. This should be accompanied by a good RAM memory capacity (at least 8 GB).

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discs solid state They are crucial when choosing a ‘gaming’ PC because they have greater endurance, are up to five times faster than traditional hard drives, and also have a shorter boot time. Similarly, because they are more compact and accessible, they have better energy consumption and create less weight for the equipment.

If you need to reduce costs, you can opt for hybrid solutions that include both types of storage: mechanical for storing files and solid for programs and games. In this context, it is important to look for drives from well-established brands that guarantee product quality and data transfer speed to have a smooth experience.


Source: Exame

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