There’s no turning back now. The video game industry, like many other professional industries, is using artificial intelligence to speed up workflow. Now Square Enixone of the most important Japanese publishers, one will use AI in game development.

Takashi Kiryu, president of Square Enix, sent a letter to employees saying that Development teams will be supported by various artificial intelligence tools.. However, he stressed that the introduction of AI will only be an aid. That is, he is not going to take jobs.

At present, the use of artificial intelligence in the creation of video games is not well regarded. Cause? This could mean that companies will lay off some employees, causing a wave of layoffs. However, times are changing, and despite criticism, more and more companies are boarding the same train.

The above-mentioned manager stated that by introducing artificial intelligence, Square Enix will increase its efficiency in game development. The striking thing is that it will not be a gradual acceptance, but rather an immediate and aggressive one. Your goal is for this strategy to start producing positive results as soon as possible.

“We intend to actively use artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies in both content development and publishing functions. In the short term, our goal will be to increase our productivity during development and achieve greater sophistication in our marketing. In the long term, we hope to use these technologies to create new forms of content for consumers, as we believe technological innovation creates business opportunities.”

Takashi Kiryu.

Square Enix is ​​also committed to generative artificial intelligence.

While the type of AI tools that Square Enix will be implementing haven’t been detailed, we can imagine what they will be. Not only because of what other editors are doing, but also because Kiryu himself has emphasized the benefits Generative AI in digital content creation.

“I believe that generative artificial intelligence has the potential to not only change the things we create, but also fundamentally change the processes by which we create them, including programming,” he said.

So we feel that Square Enix will have ChatGPT or Copilot style tools. Kiryu is not inexperienced in this field, as he himself has led the development of AI that can make the creation of character facial animations more efficient. Final Fantasy 7 Remake This was the first game in which it was released.

As we mentioned earlier, Square Enix is ​​following the path of other video game companies. Not long ago, Ubisoft began using generative artificial intelligence to produce dialogues with NPCs (non-player characters). Microsoft, for its part, has joined forces with those responsible for Inworld, a tool for creating non-player characters using artificial intelligence.

It is obvious then that AI continues to gain momentum in video game development, and nothing will stop her. You can be sure that in a few years the use of artificial intelligence will become completely normal.

Source: Hiper Textual

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