With the beginning of 2024, many Colombian workers are making their calculations to either invest or cover the year’s expenses. Some may be waiting Payment of severance pay and severance pay interest. When are these paid and how are they calculated?

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Remember that severance pay is a type of social assistance and savings that the employee has and is the responsibility of the employer, depending on the contract.

Severance pay is one month’s salary for each yearThat is, the transfer is made only once a year. If you have a monthly salary contract of $1,500,000 and have worked for 12 months, you will receive this amount as severance pay.

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If you have not worked throughout the year, you should make the calculation as follows. dismissal formula:

Days worked x salary / 360 days.

Example: You worked 200 days with a monthly salary of $1,500,000. When multiplied by the formula, it equals 300,000,000, which is divided by 360 to get $833,333. This will be the value of severance pay.

Colombians who have a contract to provide services, receive informal or full salary, are not entitled to severance pay.

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A portion of the interest accrued during the year is included in the severance pay. As established by Law No. 50 of 1990, the interest payment must be paid to the employee and is proportionate to 12% per annum or fractions.

The severance pay calculation formula is as follows::

Severance pay value x days worked x 0.12 / 360.

Example: your severance pay was $833,333 and you worked 200 days. Multiply this by 0.12 and the result is 19,999,992, which you then divide by 360. So you get an interest payment of $55,555.

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The employer must transfer the severance pay to the fund chosen by the employee by February 14, 2024.

Severance pay interest must be paid in advance. As decided on December 31st, It must be paid on the next pay slip, i.e. by January 31st at the latest.

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