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Twitch streamers will now earn significantly more money for every ad shown on their live stream.


Twitch isn’t going anywhere and is by far the number one platform in terms of live content, bringing together the largest number of content creators around the world.

Unlike YouTube, where you can also upload videos as well as perform directly, this platform only allows content to be streamed, and its rewards and ease of use have led the vast majority of streamers from other platforms to switch to Twitch.

And not only streamers, but content creators who used to make YouTube-only videos have also moved to this live content system.thanks to the good work and numbers of this platform that offers many reward opportunities such as monthly subscriptions.

To make money, Twitch occasionally shows ads on many channels just before you start watching content and pays streamers through that. Now the form of payment has changed, And that’s good news for content creators on Twitch..

Spanish streamer Cristinini live on Twitch.

With a new promotional program currently only available to a select group of streamers, Twitch will pay 55% of the money generated from each ad to the eligible streamer..

This allows streamers to adjust their earnings based on how much ads they want to show. Previously, this was done through CPM, which was paid according to a certain number of ad views.

With this new program, Twitch says that content creators will be able to earn 50-150% more revenue than usual.which allows users who may not have many subscriptions or donations, but who do have visits, to earn income in a more proper way.

While this rollout is intended to attract more partners who need to meet a fairly strict set of requirements, smaller streamers will also soon be able to benefit from a higher income structure..


What are Cheers and Bits on Twitch?

Beginning in August, eligible members will be able to use this new program with obligation to publish 3 minutes of advertising per hour and enable the settings in your Ads Manager.

In addition, a member who chooses to participate you can stream without ads at the beginning of the video, or those ads that play as soon as the broadcast for the user starts.

This is a very interesting move on the part of Twitch to reward those people who make money for the company itself in this way, and thus further distance itself from other platforms such as YouTube, further establishing itself as the main streaming platform. .

Source: Computer Hoy

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