Colombian Geological Service (SGC) shared its report A slight earthquake occurred this Sunday morningJanuary 21.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 3.2 degrees and a depth of 147 kilometers. formed Los Santos (Santander)The most trembling municipality in Colombia.

A strong earthquake was reported hours later. It was magnitude 5.4 and the epicenter was the same. It was felt intensely in the center of the country.

Latest situation: (Strong shaking in Colombia today: earthquake in Bogotá, Medellín and other cities of the country)

It was stated that this last earthquake, which was the most important earthquake of the day, occurred at a depth of 149 km.

The official time of the report was 12:19.

The Colombian Geological Service had previously reported that minor tremors were recorded in the early hours of Sunday, January 21. Five minor earthquakes in the country.

The first of these occurred in the municipality at around 01.29 in the morning. Caruru (Vaupes). Its density was only 2.9 degrees and its depth was 136 km.

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Next small earthquake also detected Canton of San Pablo in Chocó. The SGC noted that its magnitude was 2.9 and its depth was shallow, 38 km.

A slight tremor of magnitude two degrees was felt at around 03.29. ansermanuevo (Valle del Cauca), an earthquake exceeding five magnitudes occurred last Friday.

Before the 3.2 magnitude earthquake saintsThe municipality of Santander was the epicenter of the 2.5 magnitude movement. Its depth was 136 km.

Soon to mail In the organization’s official X account, Colombian geologist and actor Diego Vásquez Camayo explains that up to 2,500 earthquakes can occur per month; Again, Most of these lack significant size and density, imperceptible to the population.

“The closer you are to the epicenter, the more intense the movement will be felt and the greater the effects will be,” commented Vásquez. But to this is added magnitude, which is a quantitative measure of the energy released during the event. “This is a way of expressing, on a scale from 0 to 10, the total amount of energy released by an earthquake regardless of a particular location,” explains the geologist in the image in question.

(Also: Colombian Geological Service provides detailed information following powerful earthquake in Valle del Cauca).

It attracted attention once again after the earthquake that occurred in Valle del Cauca on Friday morning, January 19. Functionality of Google’s seismic warning systemIt is free and works on mobile phones with Android operating system.

The firm uses the ‘ShakeAlert’ system, a network of 1,675 seismic sensors to detect tremors. The app analyzes sensor data to determine the location and magnitude of the earthquake. That’s why it usually gives notice a few minutes before official reports.

To enable ‘App’ reports, simply open your mobile phone’s settings and open the ‘Earthquake Alerts’ section.


Source: Exame

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