Todd Howard confirmed that Starfield is getting DLCs, expansions and mods post-launch, officially announcing that the game will offer new content even at a distance from the original game release.

We understand that people tend to play our games for a very, very long time,” Howard explained, “They still play Skyrim and this obviously doesn’t happen for 10 consecutive years, but it happens that they come back several times and after several breaks, perhaps to discover some additional content”.

Naturally we will create additional content for this game (Starfield) and we also love our modder community. We really think this game can be a dream come true for our modding community because so many things can be done.”

Howard therefore assures that Starfield will also give way to the mud community, which Bethesda loves, to unleash their creativity and fill the Starfield universe with a host of new content. We remind you that Howard recently confirmed that they will be over 1000 planets that we can explore in Starfield. They will be made through procedural generation, but they will also contain many “handmade” elements.

Starfield will be available on early 2023 on PC and Xbox Series S/X.

  • Starfield to receive post-launch DLC (

Source: Lega Nerd

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