On January 19′palworld‘, a game that has been called ‘players’ from the beginning”Armed Pokémon”, due to the great similarity of the creatures in both worlds.

According to media from ‘IGN Spain’, more than eight million copies have been sold through the ‘Steam’ platform so far. This emphasizes: “A massively original multiplayer open world survival gameHere he will have to capture mysterious creatures called ‘Friends’ who can fight, build, farm and work in factories.”

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Although some users on social networks ‘palworldThere are also those who criticize harshly and even blame the company. Cep Çifti A.Ş. plagiarism.

Takuro Mizobe Pocket CEO said through the X profile that the threats are strong:

We are currently receiving defamatory comments towards our artists and ‘tweets’ that appear to be death threats. I have received various opinions about ‘Palworld’, but all productions related to ‘Palworld’ are supervised by several people, including me, and I am responsible for the production. “I would appreciate it if you would refrain from denigrating the artists featured in Palworld,” it reads.

Due to the controversy on the website Pokémon Company There was a statement stating that they did not allow the use of the franchise starring ‘.Ash KetchumFor video games outside your company.


They also emphasized that they would take precautions in the same way: “We will investigate any acts of infringement of property rights “We will take intellectual and appropriate action regarding ‘Pokémon.'”

They also added: “Our company will continue to emphasize the individuality of each Pokémon, carefully protect and care for its world, and work to connect the world to Pokémon.”

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