At State of Play, Konami shares exciting news about Silent Hill. A new game and trailer have emerged for the anticipated version of Silent Hill 2.

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Silent Hill: Text Message, the short version that introduces a teenage protagonist, is part of a wave of new games announced for 2022. Surprisingly, the entire game is released for free, giving new players the opportunity to explore Silent Hill.

The game is now available for free on PS5, along with the new Silent Hill 2 port trailer.

This experimental project started as an opportunity to try different things and get better at horror games. Collaboration with the experienced Hexadrive team was crucial. The decision to release it for free was maintained from the beginning.

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Exploring current issues, Silent Hill: Text Message delves into the online and phone communication of modern youth. The story revolves around young people who are bullied and ostracized, and gives a message to those who face constant conflict and oppression.

Konami’s new contemporary vision for Silent Hill is waiting for everyone to enjoy with Silent Hill: Text Message. For those waiting for Silent Hill 2 news, a new trailer with additional material has emerged.

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Source: Exame

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