Last week, Microsoft Gaming announced that it will begin bringing some previously exclusive Xbox games to market. PS5 And nintendo switch. And he started delivering. At Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct, the Japanese firm confirmed that Pentiment And Grounded These will be the first two games from Xbox Game Studios to come to your handheld console.

The debut of one of them on Nintendo Switch is imminent. Pentiment It will be available from tomorrow, February 22and players will have to wait a little longer Grounded. The latter debuts on the platform recently. April 16It turned out.

Both games were developed by Obsidian Entertainment, a subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios. Grounded It launched in September 2022 as an exclusive on Microsoft platforms – PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It is a survival game that can be played from either a first or third person perspective, with the option to play through the campaign alone or in co-op mode.

Players will take on the role of one of the four main characters and survive in the garden of a house after it has shrunk to the size of an ant. Throughout the game, they must mine resources and face various threats that are presented to them, while trying to understand what happened to them and how they can return to normal. In addition to the announcement date and some images gameplayNintendo hasn’t provided further details about its arrival on Switch.

When Pentiment, is a 2D adventure RPG set in the 16th century, in which a traveler becomes involved in various cases of mysterious murders. Like Grounded, was originally released in 2022 for Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Now, with its imminent arrival on Nintendo Switch, it will expand beyond Redmond platforms.

For now, prices not disclosed Pentiment And Grounded for Nintendo Switch. For context, let’s keep in mind that the former costs $19.99 on Xbox and PC, while the latter is available on both platforms for $39.99. It’s worth clarifying that both are also part of the Game Pass catalog.

Pentiment And Grounded They’re leading the Xbox landing on Nintendo Switch

Pentiment from Xbox Game Studios.

It’s no surprise that these two games are the first former Xbox exclusives to come to Nintendo Switch. Actually, Pentiment It already sounded like a candidate for a Japanese console even before Microsoft unveiled its new content strategy.

At that time there were rumors that Phil Spencer’s wards could bear much more significant titles, such as star fieldnext from Indiana Jones And up to gears of warto compete with platforms. However, Microsoft Gaming denied this information. At least for the first two.

Xbox intends for its exclusives to gradually reach not only the Nintendo Switch, but also the PS5. Although Redmond residents mentioned that Basically, there will only be 4 games.they avoided naming them publicly.

Now, with confirmation Pentinent And Grounded As for the Nintendo Switch, we only need to know the remaining two. In branch they take it for granted that they will HiFi Rush And Sea of ​​Thieves, although we must wait for official data on this matter. We’re also waiting for news on when they might debut on PlayStation.

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