Agreement between France and Colombia allows Colombian citizens to visit European country only with Colombian passport for a 90-day extension. In addition, thanks to the Working Holiday visa, Colombian citizens who want to enter the European country to work in order to supplement their income from travel will also be able to benefit from this visa. stay there for a maximum of one year.

Since there is an agreement with France that allows Colombian citizens, traveling to Europe to explore new horizons is no longer an impossible dream due to the countless documents the process requires. Enter the country for a short stay without the need for an external visa. European country with just a passport There is a ninety day limit for a holiday trip.

Therefore, Colombian citizens are prohibited from making tourism or business trips to European lands. They just need to have a valid passportwhether ordinary, diplomatic, service, official or private and meet the country’s entry requirements. Moreover, You must have round-trip tickets not to exceed ninety days, and supporting monetary or economic resources for their permanence.

The Chancellery of the Government of Colombia explains on its official website how the ninety-day entry and stay period works without additional documents in the Colombian passport. “With the abolition of short-term visa, Colombians can travel for a total of 90 days in a 180-day period. “If you have traveled and spent 90 days in Europe in the last 180 days, you may not be accepted by European immigration authorities,” the letter states.

However, if the purpose of the trip is to have fun Staying longer in Europe There is another option that will allow you to visit various parts of the French-speaking country for a year to get to know the different tourist attractions in the country in detail.

Working Holiday visa, There is a quota of 400 visas for 2024.Allows Colombian citizens One year stay in Franceas well as giving you the opportunity to work and earn income to travel around the area.

To take advantage of this benefit, you must first fill out the online form on the official website of the French government, then proceed to request an appointment in the “Student visas, language assistants and VVT” section. Regarding the number of available quotas, “visa service” is explained on the program page will attend the first 400 appointments booked in chronological order of the calendar”.

If you are among the first 400 appointments, the next step will be: Submit the specified documents Included on the program’s website are two new passport photos, a travel document (the original and a copy issued less than 10 years ago, a medical certificate issued by a medical professional authorized to practice in Colombia, and more).

Finally, the service explains that the main purpose of the trip should be primarily touristic, but that you can work or practice a profession during it and that the duration is twelve months with predetermined dates.

Source: Exame

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