The future of Apple Arcade is up in the air: many developers criticize it and cancel their projects

Discussions in Apple App Store now continue in Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade platform under the spotlight

Apple is now facing a new mess after the discussions surrounding the App Store flared up with the European Commission’s new regulations due to antitrust cases of major companies such as Epic Games or Spotify. Many developers criticized the Apple Arcade platform Due to payment policy and other reasons.

To comply with European Commission regulations and the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple must offer alternative payment methods in the App Store when it releases the final version of iOS 17.4 for iPhone.

Now the future of Apple Arcade predicts possible changes. Multiple developers criticize Apple’s video game platform Lack of transparency in the payment system and canceled projects.

Apple Arcade has a lot of unhappy developers

From MobileGamer, they assure that many developers are dissatisfied with Apple Arcade services for various reasons.

The main reason for developers’ criticism of Apple Arcade is this: How developers get paid When your games are selected for integration into Apple Arcade.

They have this opaque metric they call qualified sessions and their payout bonuses are based on that. But no one knows what the qualifying session is. This depends on whether the game has been released, how long players have played it, and how often they return. But actually it’s a black box.

Another reason for criticism from developers is related to the decrease in payments. Seems like, Payments for Apple Arcade games have been falling for years. Many developers highlighted that payments have decreased since October 2020.

It is also claimed that Apple cancels projects for reasons that are not fully explained. One developer said that after working on a game for Apple Arcade for months, they eventually canceled the project due to a “change of strategy” despite interest from the Apple Arcade team. According to his words, Apple stopped responding to your emails although he is willing to make changes to the game and adapt to Apple’s needs.

While Apple may have sidelined its Apple Arcade platform a bit in recent years, the company a multitude of services and may not always meet developers’ expectations. Perhaps these criticisms will help Apple Arcade continue to grow and improve its services.

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