In a major announcement that promises to revolutionize the way gaming enthusiasts experience strategy, Xbox Game Studios has released ‘Age of Empires Mobile’.


This new delivery, Designed specifically for iOS and Android mobile devicesA turning point in the evolution of the acclaimed video game saga, this game offers players the chance to dive into epic war strategy adventures right from their smartphones.

Announcement was made during the event ‘New Year, New Age’ Last Friday, the ‘Age of Empires’ team also celebrated the impressive achievement of reaching 50 million players for their series.

‘Age of Empires Mobile’ is developed by TiMi Studio Group and promises an immersive experience that preserves the essence of the sagaintegrating resource management, army training, and conflict on major battlefields.

Players will be able to enjoy “an epic war strategy experience with rich real-time controls, stunning visuals, and historical heroes,” as Xbox puts it.

This focus on game quality aims to replicate the success of the console and PC versions. but in an accessible format and adapted to mobile gaming dynamics.

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With the exciting news of the mobile launch, Xbox Game Studios announced, ‘The Age of Mythology: This year retold for 2024.

This is the remastered version Available for Xbox X and S consoles as well as PCIt revives interest in ancient mythology with renewed gameplay and improved graphics.

‘The Age of Mythology: Retold’ will allow players to explore ancient civilizations and harness the power of the gods Defeat your enemies in a 50-mission campaign that promises to be as entertaining as it is educational.

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During the same event, three new characters from Greek civilization were introduced: Medusa, Pegasus and CerberusIt highlights the cultural richness and diversity that Age of Mythology: Retold will bring to the game.

The choice of gods from the Greek, Norse, Egyptian and Atlantean pantheons and the ability to use their powers against enemies adds an extra layer of strategy and depth to the game, promising players a unique experience.

Moreover, Xbox announces new DLC for ‘Age of Empires II’ titled ‘Victors and Vanquished’It will be published next Thursday, March 14th.

This downloadable content will be added 19 new scenariosProfessional dubbing, new music and achievements further enrich the gaming experience.

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