Xbox is one of the most popular consoles in the gaming world, owned by the company. Microsoft and they have titles like this: ‘Minecraft’, ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Grand Theft Auto’, ‘Naruto Shippuden Ultimate’, among many more.

The company often sells video games physicallyto enjoy them on console or PC, but it’s been a while Xbox Game Passis a subscription service that allows you to play a wide variety of titles without having to purchase them separately.

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on the website It has been announced that you can download unlimited games from every category for a monthly fee on Xbox.and there is even the possibility of enjoying them in the cloud.

Microsoft offers three migration options with features to suit each user’s needs.

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The last subscription mode is often the most recommended by video game expert ‘influencers’, as it offers many benefits at a price that is not much higher than the others.

on his YouTube profile’levelup.comSeven tips and tricks are offered to get the most out of ‘Game Pass’.



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