Sometimes people tend to fall in love with some animals that they see fit to keep in their homes, but the truth is that not all of them can be pets. Regarding this, A British vet went viral on TikTok after mentioning five species that can’t live under the same roof as us.

Content creator, who has 208 thousand followers on the Chinese platform, made his own assessment of animals that are better off living in their own habitats for different reasons. This is not a list of animals you don’t like.however, Ben noted that having them at home “exposed you to all the dangers they entail, as well as their rewards.”

First he pointed to the parrots. Without losing sight of the seriousness of the situation, he said: “Owning a parrot means never having a non-stick pan again. No joke, when heated the coating releases a gas that can be fatal to parrots.

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He also added: He has no doubt that these birds can be “very rewarding pets” and that it’s great to have an animal respond to you. But he later cautioned: “I find it extremely difficult to provide adequate space and stimulation to a species that would normally have the freedom to fly and explore the rainforest.”

To conclude his argument for why parrots should live in their natural habitat, veterinarian Ben explained: “When one of these birds is bored, It manifests itself with destructive, polyphonic behavior and abnormal attitudes.”

“Mouse comes second for me,” he said, and then explained why he avoids having mice as pets: “If they are well cared for and lucky, they can live longer, but the average mouse only lives one or two years. I’ve had many guinea pigs over the years and one got very attached to them”. In this sense, he said that forming a bond with a pet and losing it a year later was a very short period of time for him.

Source: Exame

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