Microsoft even plans to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in Notepad. A tipster has discovered that a new feature to assist with typing is being developed for the classic program.

According to a post shared on X (formerly Twitter) by tipster @PhantomOcean3, the vehicle will be called “Cowriter.” As the names of the menu functions suggest, the assistant will have a number of built-in functionalities, such as synthesizing and expanding content, rewriting, changing tone and changing format.

Cowriter can help prepare notes, improve texts, review content, evaluate the tone of text to make it more formal, and change the format more easily, freeing the user from manual work. It is worth noting that the function continues to be improved.

Currently, Microsoft’s focus is on embedding productive AI functions into Windows, including native programs. Another recent discovery is that AI functions are on the way to File Explorer as well.

So the integration of generative modeling tools into Notepad comes as no surprise. Almost a year ago, the classic program received a major overhaul and continues to receive updates, so it’s on Microsoft’s radar.

No release date

Just like the new File Explorer, There are no predictions regarding the release of Cowriter on Notepad. It’s possible that the company is saving the resource for the launch of the next major operating system update, currently known as the Hudson Valley.

Source: Tec Mundo

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