A strange automatic goal was scored in Chile’s second division football this weekend, and it’s already traveling around the world.

An incident occurred during the match between them University of Concepción and San Marcos de Arica in the rise of Chile.

Player in the 45th minute Daniel VicencioHe went to intercept San Marcos’ Brian Miranda’s cross, looking emotional as the ball rocketed upwards.

However, when he fell, the players, starting with the goalkeeper, fell asleep and the ball went straight into his own goal. There was partial equality at the end of the first half.

As if that wasn’t enough, San Marcos players They went to complain to the linesman that the ball had left the field of play.

“This will go around the world!… It was as if the ball was going to go for a corner kick, everyone fell asleep, the ball hit, went in and hit the roof of the goal. Official broadcast reporter “We can’t believe it!” said.

Despite Vicencio’s unintentional error complicating his club in the second half, in the end The match that San Marcos won 3-1.

San Marcos de Arica came back and defeated Universidad de Concepción with goals from Jimmy Cisterna (6′), Augusto Barrios (52′) and Mikel Arguinarena (74′).


Source: Exame

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