7 fun games to enjoy on iPhone during Easter

If you stay at home this Easter, take a look at this compilation of 7 games you can enjoy these days on your iPhone

Have a pleasant and fun time playing with your iPhone

If for some reason you haven’t missed a trip this Easter, we’ll try to distract you from the daily routine with the following compilation of fun iPhone games. We will give you a little bit of everything to get rid of boredom and have fun moments alone, with your partner, or even with your family. From challenging games to role-playing, from classic tones to fun arcades full of cars.

Traffic Police 3D

Did you ever think driving a police cruiser would be fun when you were a kid? Well, in this title you will be a police officer facing the dangers of traffic. You will not be a traffic cop, you will be a more serious cop, facing possible criminals behind the wheel. You will have to patrol the streets and scan license plates, in positive cases you will have to go after them.

Traffic Police 3D by Kwalee

Traffic Police 3D by Kwalee

This is a great way to spend Easter because you’ll be hooked as soon as you find the hidden criminals. Will you be able to catch everyone?

Traffic Run

Here, we will take on the role of police and return to a life as ordinary as crossing the street. In this game, you will have the challenge of crossing the street without hitting any cars to reach the finish line. It can become addictive, especially considering that it works without an internet connection.

Traffic Geisha Tokyo Inc.  Managed by

Traffic Geisha Tokyo Inc. Managed by

Controls are simple; Simply tap your iPhone’s screen to navigate each street. The game has many levels, how many cars will you overcome or crash?

Going Balls

We leave cars and criminals aside and move on to a platform game where balls roll. Just like the previous game, the controls are simple and you will only need to use one finger. Slide and roll the ball in the direction you want.

Going Balls from GyroSphere

Going Balls from GyroSphere

You will encounter interesting challenges along the way, as you progress through the levels the scenarios will undergo major transformations, which will prevent you from getting bored. Each of the balls can be customized according to your progress in the game.


Imagine you are walking through your city and a huge zombie horde suddenly appears. What would you do to save yourself? In this adventure you will collect powerful weapons to defeat zombies and help others.

Survivor!.io by Habby

Survivor!.io by Habby

Similarly, this game has intuitive controls so you can control everything with one hand. Face challenges and difficulties while having fun. Your success will depend a lot on your ability. Don’t be afraid, you will face more than 1000 zombies at once, but as a group you can be the hero your city needs.

Subway Surfers

Let’s leave aside the seriousness of fighting against the law and zombies and relax a little in the adventure of three children running away from a nervous inspector and his dog. Jake, Tricky and Fresh will roam the streets of New York City to avoid objects and everything in their path. Reach the finish line as quickly as possible to complete the level.

Subway Surfers from Sybo Games

Subway Surfers from Sybo Games

In addition to having interesting gameplay, the graphics will be appreciated like no other game in its class. If you have an iPhone with OLED, you will definitely be surprised to appreciate its precise and pleasing graphical transitions. Try changing the pavement to lava in one of the game modes.

Dreamdale – Fairy Adventure

Like a humble lumberjack, we will escape reality for a moment and enter a fairy tale. Here you can dig, mine minerals, build, farm and even fight in a fun fantasy action role-playing game. Dreamdale will allow you to bring out the best in you as you meet new villagers, make friends and build buildings. Things can get dangerous as you will also have to fight monsters inside the dungeons, if you are successful you will have countless treasures.

Dreamdale from SayGames

Dreamdale from SayGames

If you have played Animal Crossing, this game will seem very familiar to you. Challenge yourself to build a new world in this adventure.

Tomb of the Mask

To finish off this roundup of fun Easter games, we’ll explore a classic arcade game like Tomb of the Mask. It is a vertical labyrinth with the feature of being endless. You’ll find traps, enemies, and power-ups that will help you escape, although it won’t take long.

Tomb of the Mask from Playgendary Limited

Tomb of the Mask from Playgendary Limited

Having powers, you will have the opportunity to escape the tomb, but you will have to sacrifice yourself and fight random monsters. It promises to be an interesting game that can fascinate you for several hours.

We hope you have a happy game!

Source: i Padizate

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