Antstream will offer 1,300 retro games for iPhone and iPad

The platform will be available on June 27

Antstream will offer 1,300 retro games for iPhone and iPad
Antstream has a large catalog of retro games

Apple has made many changes in iOS 17.4 to comply with Digital Markets Act regulations. cupertino company App Store changed its policy offering access to alternative app stores, iPhone emulators and streaming video game platforms.

Now Antstream Gaming HallCloud gaming platform . 1,300 retro game catalog For iPhone and iPad. Antstream will be available on the App Store starting today 27 June.

The Antstream platform includes retro games such as Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Space Invaders, Asteroids and Galaga. It will be its price 3.99 euros per month or 29.99 euros year.

Anstream hits the App Store on June 27 with over 1,300 classic games for iPhone and iPad

Apple has made major changes to the App Store to comply with the Digital Markets Act in Europe, but has also rolled out other changes globally, such as support for streaming game services.

Anstream Arcade, the new streaming video game platform, will be a game changer. Following the release of emulators such as Delta or RetroArch, Antstream has now become one of the first cloud gaming platforms to hit the App Store.

The first users with access to Antstream will be able to enjoy streaming games very high performance and uploading content to the cloud is seamless. Except for other games like Worms on PlayStation, which have slightly longer loading times.

Antstream premium subscription unlimited access to all games individually, but also allows you to participate in online tournaments and multiplayer modes with ranking-based points.

ant stream

Antstream will be on the App Store on June 27

Antstream Arcade is the perfect excuse for all fans of retro gaming, which modestly includes yours, to experience the satisfaction of revisiting gaming memories from their childhood or adolescence to alleviate their nostalgia.

It is true that currently many development companies are clearly focused on creating new retro games, but they are still not the same as the usual classic games.

iOS 18 Game Mode

The launch of streaming gaming platforms coincides with the upcoming release of iOS 18 Game Mode. This game mode optimizes the experience by prioritizing system resources to run games.

Until now, Game Mode was only available on Mac; It will also be expanded to iPhone with iOS 18. Game Mode is automatically activated as soon as the user opens the gameThis is when a notification appears at the top letting you know that Game Mode has been enabled.

iOS 18 Game Mode reduces background activity, transfers resources to active game and improves responsiveness of connected devices Like MFi controllers or AirPods. A functionality that will undoubtedly be very useful for enjoying Antstream Arcade.

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