Series Horizon: Zero Dawn from Netflix, based on the popular PlayStation game, it could have been cancelledThis follows from a recent report Rolling Stone which exposes allegations of blatant bullying, toxic and manipulative behavior towards Steve Blackmanthe person responsible for the project during his journey as showrunner from The Umbrella Academy.

About the case Horizon: Zero Dawnthe above mentioned environment indicates that adaptation will no longer be in development. The same thing would happen with orbitalanother Netflix offering that Blackman will also helm. Both were part of a deal the creative and the streaming platform signed in 2020, believed to be worth about $50 million, investigators say.

What’s not clear is whether Netflix would cancel the series permanently. Horizon: Zero Dawnor if you plan to abandon the current project and start a new one, but with a different team. The streaming giant, as well as PlayStation Productions, did not comment on this issue.

Steve Blackman’s entourage told him Rolling Stone that the aforementioned has an “extensive, ongoing and close” working relationship with Netflix and that he continues to work on “new projects.” Despite this, not mentioned directly Horizon: Zero Dawn and his hypothetical fate.

Adaptation Horizon: Zero Dawn it will no longer be in development for Netflix

Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix Adaptation No Longer in Development

Details about the series Horizon: Zero Dawn announced by Netflix are virtually zero. The project was unveiled in 2022 as part of the development of several video game adaptations for the streaming platform. But since then, there has been virtually no word on its development.

In April 2023 Asad QizilbashDirector of PlayStation Productions, assured that the film adaptations Horizon: Zero Dawn on Netflix and god of War They would be just as good on Amazon Prime Video Last of usfrom HBO and Max. However, nothing new was said about it.

It remains to be seen how this story continues. Until there is an official announcement from Netflix or PlayStation Productions, we won’t know for sure what will happen to the series. Horizon: Zero Dawn. Most likely, there will be no official news until the situation with Steve Blackman and the accusations against him is clarified.

PlayStation has made it clear that it has very ambitious plans to bring its core intellectual property into film and television. Last of us It was a smashing success worldwide, and all eyes are on the second season, which will be released in 2025.

While the series god of War There is no cast or release date for Amazon Prime Video, but Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby have already been confirmed (Space) as responsible. And the company is also moving forward with unknown 2Film about Ghost of Tsushima and the second season Twisted metal. When Horizon: Zero Dawnthere is no choice but to continue waiting for more specific information about the destination.

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