Xbox Game Pass Has Increased in Price Again. Today, Microsoft’s video game platform subscription costs more, although this does not affect all players equally.

The value change goes into effect on Wednesday, July 10, for new Xbox Game Pass subscribers. For existing users, the change will take effect in a couple of months; more specifically, starting on September 12.

Microsoft’s announcement not only sparked public anger, as it does every time something goes up in price, but also confusion. That’s because Redmond residents were also told they were introducing a new subscription. Standardwhich will arrive in the coming months, and the liquidation of the plan Game Pass for Console. Later in the article we will explain how this affects those who are the last to become infected.

The rise in prices has an impact Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass and a 12-month subscription to Game Pass Core Worldwide. However, in some markets like Argentina, they have also implemented 1, 3, and 6 month Game Pass Core plans.

Xbox Game Pass

New Xbox Game Pass Pricing in Major Markets

Next we will do an analysis What are the prices for the new Xbox Game Pass? and how they change compared to previous values. To keep things simple, we’ll focus on the major markets, including but not limited to Spain, Mexico, and Argentina, in their respective local currencies. Again, the updated prices are effective today for new members and September 12 for existing subscribers.

Game Pass Ultimate

Old price (monthly) New price (monthly)
USA $16.99 $19.99
Great Britain £12.99 £14.99
Spain 14.99 euro 17.99 euro
Mexico 249 Mexican Pesos 299 Mexican Pesos
Argentina 6999 Argentine pesos (+ taxes) 10,999 Argentine pesos (+ taxes)
Brazil R$49.99 R$59.99
Colombia 33,900 Colombian Pesos 42,990 Colombian Pesos
Chile 8990 Chilean Pesos 10,590 Chilean Pesos

PC Game Pass

Old price (monthly) New price (monthly)
USA $9.99 $11.99
Great Britain £7.99 £9.99
Spain 9.99 euro 11.99 euro
Mexico 149 Mexican Pesos 179 Mexican Pesos
Argentina 5399 Argentine pesos (+ taxes) 6999 Argentine pesos (+ taxes)
Brazil R$29.99 R$35.99
Colombia 19,900 Colombian Pesos 26,900 Colombian Pesos
Chile 5990 Chilean Pesos 7190 Chilean Pesos

Game Pass Core (12 months)

old price new price
USA $59.99 $74.99
Great Britain £49.99 £55.99
Spain 59.99 euro 69.99 euro
Mexico Doesn’t change the price.
It remains at 1,159 Mexican pesos.
Argentina 27,999 Argentine pesos (+ taxes) 44,999 Argentine pesos (+ taxes)
Brazil R$199.99 R$249.99
Colombia 150,900 Colombian Pesos 189,900 Colombian Pesos
Chile 47,990 Chilean Pesos 50,990 Chilean Pesos

In Argentina, prices for other Game Pass Core subscriptions are also changing:

  • 1 month: from 4,299 pesos (+ taxes) to 5,999 pesos (+ taxes).
  • 3 months: from 11,999 pesos (+ taxes) to 14,999 pesos (+ taxes).
  • 6 months: from 22,999 pesos (+ taxes) to 23,999 pesos (+ taxes).

What about Game Pass for console and the new standard plan?

Xbox Game Pass

In addition to price changes, Xbox Confirms Game Pass Removal for Consoles. This plan is not currently offered to new subscribers. But if you are already registered for this subscription, don’t worry: it will be available for a while longer, and you won’t experience any changes if you have auto-renewal enabled with your payment method.

Microsoft explains that if you turn off automatic payment and your Xbox Game Pass for Console subscription expires, you will no longer be able to rejoin that plan and will have to choose one of the others offered in your country. For its part, Game Pass for Console codes will continue to be available for use until further notice.

It’s also important to note that while existing Game Pass for console subscribers will still be able to use the plan, it won’t last forever. On September 18, 2024, the clock will start ticking and the platform will allow you to continue using said subscription. for another period of up to 13 monthscounting from this date.

What about Xbox Game Pass Standard? That’s the new plan that Microsoft announced and will officially launch in the coming months. It will provide hundreds of high-quality games and all the benefits of Game Pass Core, like discounts, perks, and online multiplayer on consoles. It turns out that this plan will not include new releases from day one.

As for pricing, Xbox has confirmed that the new Standard Game Pass will cost $14.99/month. However, the price will vary depending on the country or region. Redmond representatives promised to publish more detailed information in the near future.

Source: Hiper Textual

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