Google has officially started rolling out a new feature for the Google Maps app on iOS. The new feature of the location platform a speedometer overlaid on the mapto help users control vehicle speed when using real-time navigation.

According to the website 9to5GoogleThis feature has been released for both iPhone applications. version 6.123.0 As for the CarPlay automotive platform. The addition in the interface is not active by default, which means you need to enable it in the service settings.

Google Maps speedometer.

Speedometer appears in the lower left corner of the screenin both horizontal and vertical navigation. The colors change to warn the driver if the vehicle is too close or exceeds the street speed limit.

This feature has been available on competitors for years

As Google itself states, the speedometer function is an additional indicator and “for informational purposes only“So you can avoid violations or stay within the rules of the area. It uses the mobile phone’s own sensors to do the approximate calculation.

In other words, Car speedometer is still the most accurate and reliable source It is how many kilometers per hour you are currently traveling and this should be taken into account for more accurate readings of the vehicle’s actual speed.

Google Maps for Android has had this functionality since 2019, but Android Auto has not yet received the new feature. It is the first app in the family to offer this functionality. Waze’sIt is also from Google and has had a speedometer since 2016.

Source: Tec Mundo

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