Sony reopened the portfolio; this time buy, a popular esports platform. At the moment, yes, it is not known how much the Japanese giant paid. It is clear that with this movement they intend PlayStation continues to gain popularity in an ever growing sector. A presence that incidentally has grown since 2021 when they acquired the Evolution Championship Series (EVO), the most important fighting game tournament in the world.

If you are not very active in the esports scene, you may not have recommendations from The platform was created with the aim promote the organization of video game tournaments; even with the possibility of establishing economic premiums. Many modern games, despite being multiplayer and competitive, don’t offer players the tools to run their own competitions, and that’s where’s offering comes in.

Since its inception, according to the data it collects posted over 100,000 tournaments with over 2.3 million participants. Of course, these are not higher numbers, and it is these figures that have certainly attracted the attention of the PlayStation.

“At PlayStation, our vision for esports has always been to break down barriers so that players can compete at any level. Together with the talented team at, we’re excited to explore new ways for players to participate in competitive play.” and expand our eSports offerings. This is just the beginning of our journey and we look forward to sharing more news with our community in the future,” said Stephen Roberts, Vice President of Global Competitive Gaming at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Aaron Fletcher, CEO of, said: “ was designed to support new tournament formats that are easy to participate in and scale to millions of players. We are thrilled to be joining the PlayStation team.” to work together to expand the variety of tournament experiences that players of all skill levels can enjoy.”

It is also important to note that will continue to operate on multiple platforms after the acquisition. Consequently, will not be limited to PlayStation games.

PlayStation is interested in allowing us to organize our own tournaments.

Game console EVO

The acquisition comes a year after Sony hinted at its interest in creating a tool for players to manage their tournaments. The patent, approved on July 8, 2021, describes a system for creating tournaments for both players and developers. The idea is that the community can plan and run competitive events without having to rely on external platforms like

“The integration of online tournaments can allow individuals, developers and other providers to run tournaments. Ensuring the integration of online tournaments can include simple tools for organizing and running a tournament. Thus, a user can use such tools to organize a small tournament with friends who are casual players, while an event organizer can use such tools to organize a large tournament with a large number of participants, complex rules, and even multiple titles.”

Thus, the acquisition of the PlayStation can tell us that Sony wants to save the time it takes to develop such a platform from scratch..

Source: Hiper Textual

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