Hurry: These 15 Games Are Coming Soon To Apple Arcade

Apple announces some games are no longer available on Apple Arcade

Hurry: These 15 Games Are Coming Soon To Apple Arcade
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It is true that Apple Arcade is a platform. a large and comprehensive catalog of video games to choose fromand this also allows developers to launch different installments that attract new users and keep existing players happy at the same time.

However, this does not prevent Apple Arcade from making certain decisions involving the future and permanence of certain games. This can cause a conflict with users, as they are not considered in the company’s plans. raise suspicion pertaining to loss of progress in games or starting a game that may occur later.

Therefore, Apple decided to show it. a new chapter It’s in the Arcade section of the App Store, where it shows games that are no longer available and are called “Leaving Arcade coming soon.”

To welcome this innovation, Apple List of upcoming games you should get before leaving Apple Arcade and they:

  • Projection: First Light
  • paralebism
  • Diverse Day Life
  • EarthNight
  • Redemption: Heart of the Old Tree
  • over the alps
  • Scary Marine
  • cardpocalypse
  • Towaga: In the Shadows
  • jobless job
  • Do not disturb me!
  • magician
  • spiders
  • abuses
  • BattleSky Brigade: Harpoon
apple arcade 2022

The appearance of the new Arcade section. Image from TouchArcade.

The reasons and release date of these games are unknown, but it can be guessed that they are due to the lack of attention of the players. So, if any of these have caught your attention We recommend downloading them when they are no longer available..

Currently, Apple Arcade has announced next deliveries coming in July 2022. You can access and enjoy this platform by paying $4.99. more than 200 games.

We’ve picked the best Apple Arcade games in 2022, but Apple continues to release important and exciting chapters that continue to round out its catalog. There is no doubt that this service is one of the successes of the company..

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