One has begun in the UK class action against Sony. The PlayStation business, the relationship between the giant and the developers, but also the video game price, overrated. The class action could represent more than 9 million people. To have presented is Alex Neilregarded in Britain as a ‘champion of consumer rights’.

Neil argues that Sony abused its dominant position by imposing unfavorable and particularly onerous terms on developers. These conditions, Neil explains, would have caused an artificial price increase, which obviously had an impact on the consumer’s wallet.

“We believe our class action has a very solid foundation or we would not have filed it,” attorney Alex Neil told the BBC. “We don’t take it lightly to sue a company like Sony.” “With this class action I represent millions of British residents who have paid far more than they owed for years,” he added.

Among the various unfavorable conditions imposed by Sony, Neil also mentions the 30% commission imposed on the price of each individual digital content sold on the market. Playstation Marketplace. A tax that would drive up prices and harm developers and gamers alike. While the reasons behind the class action may seem short-lived, the issue of the expensive commissions imposed on developers by the platforms is in reality a highly topical issue, already the subject of several proceedings before the antitrust and courts of a large number of different countries. In case of a win, class action participants could receive compensation between £67 and £600.

Source: Lega Nerd

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