This week, YouTube removed several videos showing Tesla users testing the full self-driving system on children. The essence of the experiment is to check whether the electric car will be able to stop in order to avoid a collision with a child walking or standing on the road.

Youtube began to block video with the test of the Tesla autopilot in children

The reason for the experiments was the accusation of the activists of the Dawn project against the manufacturer of electric vehicles. Human rights activists conducted a series of tests, in each of which a car equipped with autopilot failed to notice a roughly three-foot-tall mannequin and knocked it over.

YouTube spokeswoman Elena Hernandez told CNBC that the video site “does not allow content that depicts a minor engaging in dangerous activity or that encourages minors to engage in dangerous activity.”

“After review, we determined that the videos provided to us by CNBC violated our policy on depicting dangerous acts, and we removed the content as a result,” Hernandez wrote in an email.

Tesla investor and CEO of Volt Equity Ted Park became one of the authors of such videos. He posted on the platform a video entitled “Does Tesla Autopilot really crush children?”, in which he demonstrated, using the example of his children, that an autonomous driving system is capable of recognizing a small child and stopping a car.

“I have tried this product myself and I believe in my investment,” Park told the US publication. “We have taken every precaution to ensure that the children are not in any danger.”

In early August, the California Department of Motor Vehicles accused Tesla of falsely advertising its Autopilot. According to the agency, the company cannot use the terms “autopilot” and “fully autonomous driving” because its services do not actually have such functions.

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