The Callisto protocol will have one trophy who will ask? die in every possible way. Developer Mark James revealed microphones to IGN Japan, confirming that we can discover death in several ways during our stay in the Black Iron prison. Each enemy can kill us in different ways and obstacles in the environment also pose a huge risk both to us and to the enemies.

Right now we are working on our goals and trophies, and in fact we have a goal for who will see all the dead – Mark James revealed – In our game we die. A lot of people ask how long the game lasts, and the question is, how often do you die? Also, the variables are huge, like how they attack you or how you attack them, so you can die more or less. Things like inverting in a fan is also a fatal mistake, and you’ll have to redo that part.

It has now become our signatureJames said of the countless kills of the game. “We have an emblematic death at the end of each trailer. We want death to be seen not as a punishment, but as a time to learn what someone has done wrong, and some ironic entertainment about how to die.“.

Recently, the developers came back to talk about the game, also revealing that the prison Biophages will be similar in behavior to the Xenomorphs of Alien Isolation.

Before we leave, we remind you that The Callisto will be available from Dec 2, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

  • The Callisto protocol has a feat for seeing every possible death (

Source: Lega Nerd

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