Months go by, rumors of a long-awaited comeback silent Hill. Back in May, a leak revealed a new game in the franchise currently in development, with more material coming this week. You can talk a lot about what has been circulating on the Internet in recent hours.

First, Twitter user @the_marmolade shared images that were allegedly taken from a presentation demo shown by Konami. This project, which would be a lot of rumors remake Silent Hill 2would be in hand Bloober Teamalso responsible for such horror films as Average, blair witch, Layers of fear or observer.

According to information from VGK, the images provided by the above user are completely real. In fact they support what belongs to the remake Silent Hill 2. It is important to note here that in the middle of last year Bloober Team and Konami sign alliance. While they didn’t share details, their deal appears to include silent Hill; largely due to the studio’s experience with horror games.

On the other hand, we should not forget that the Blobber Team will also join forces with the PlayStation on projects that have yet to be announced. In this sense, VGK guarantees that remake Silent Hill 2 This will be a temporary exclusive for PlayStation and PC consoles.. It is not known, yes, whether Sony finances the project.

it’s not the only game silent Hill Development

The speculation doesn’t end there. Aside from the remake images, another leak has revealed other franchise projects that may be in development. One of them, known as sakuramay be teaser can play with Silent Hill 5. That is, a proposal similar to what was Fri for canceled quiet hills.

Twilight golem maybe insider more active in terms of information silent Hill it means, Here it is stated what material from sakura is real and that its release is on the way. Eye, this experience would be free PlayStation 5 exclusive.

However, there are some inconsistencies in the leaked documents regarding the timing of the release, since most have already passed – in 2021 – and, apparently, nothing has seen the light of day. Therefore, it is believed that the pandemic prevented the development of these projects and failed to meet the originally planned schedule.

Beyond the remake Silent Hill 2 and teaser from Silent Hill 5, the report highlights that other less ambitious games are being developed by medium-sized studios. One of them will be in charge of Annapurna Interactive, creators to roam, off-road, Travel or Outer Wildsname a few.

When will we see official announcements? Perhaps it will happen this year. There are rumors of a new showcase PlayStation, and before the close of 2022 we will have a Game Awards Gala. Without a doubt, never before have we seen such compelling evidence of a return silent Hill. It seems to be a matter of time…

Source: Hiper Textual

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