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This card turns your Nintendo Switch into a Steam Deck to play all Steam games on your portable devices.


Japanese company called Tassi presented at the Tokyo Game Show a map called streaming map what turns Nintendo Switch into a Steam Deck by Valveper play all steam games on laptop.

The games do not run locally on the Switch but on the PC we have and sent to the switch via streaming.

What Tessei did Switch on a device that supports Steam Link, a Steam feature that allows stream games from PC to mobile, tablet, TV, etc. This feature has not been supported on Nintendo Switch… until now.

The Stream Card is a card that is inserted into the Nintendo Switch cartridge slot, as seen in the opening photo of the news.

Best of all, there’s no need to open a console or do any weird installation or setup. Insert the cartridge… and voila!

Here’s how the Stream Card works

As Japanese medium 4Gamer explained, it contains WiFi router to capture Steam Link signaland a dedicated chip to handle streaming and view it on the screen of a Nintendo Switch console or on a TV if the console is docked.

In this video you can see streaming map In action. The game to roam it runs on the Intel NUC PC shown in the showcase and sends it to the Nintendo Switch screen. The game can be played in handheld mode with joy-cons or with a Nintendo Switch Pro controller:


Stream Card:Strayで遅延を確認

Although this lag exists, it is quite acceptable. It may not be the best option for playing online games like CoD or Fortnite, but it It’s great for single player games.

This is a good solution if you can’t buy a Steam deck or don’t want to use the mobile version because it doesn’t have built-in controls. FROM streaming map you can play hundreds of AAA Steam games not available on the Nintendo Switch, from PlayStation games such as god of War or spider manto PC and Xbox games such as Forza Horizon 5 or Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Of course, to use it, you need a PC that runs these games, in addition to a Nintendo Switch.

Tassi you already have a list streaming map, and now it remains only to find a manufacturer and distributor in order to be able to sell it in bulk. We do not believe that neither Valve no one Nintendo raise objections because it’s Tassi technology. Nintendo Switch has become a Steam Deck. The dream of many gamers!

Source: Computer Hoy

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