The accident was caused by the uncontrolled departure of a small plane from the runway of Simón Bolívar Airport in Santa Marta. The tragedy that mourns this Sunday is a whole family enjoying a walk. at a nearby beach.

While two adults, a teenager and two children living in the area were sitting at a kiosk, the plane suddenly landed on them.

Witnesses reassure that the tragedy may have been greater, because before midday Many people were on the beach both in and out of the water.

The plane left the runway at high speed and caused no more serious damage as a Trupillo tree in the middle lane stopped the plane.

Unfortunately members of a family found at that place were crushed for the destroyed aircraft

Amateur videos recorded by swimmers and bystanders show moments of agony after the plane crash.

(In context: The plane skidded off the runway at Santa Marta airport and crashed into the sea).

Two elderly women, aged 62 and 93, were left on the ground with two children, aged 3 and 6, and a 16-year-old adolescent.

Citizens rushed to help the injured. They were taken to a private clinic in the city by special vehicles.

Likewise, they helped to get off the plane. Family planning to travel by private plane to Bogota city.

It is seen in the record that three adults and two children get off the plane in shock, but apparently without major injuries. The pilot stays on the plane longer, apparently because he is confined to the cabin.

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All of them were taken to health centers for medical intervention.

Santa Marta mayor Virna Johnson went to attend the emergency in person and announced that it would be given to her. assistance to those affected.

“Together with the state, we accompany patients’ relatives in clinics with psychosocial and economic care. We will pay attention to the results of the investigations of the Civil Aviation Commission from Bogota.”

Johnson confirmed that a small three-year-old boy died in that accident, while his six-year-old cousin was critically ill in the intensive care unit. A 16-year-old adolescent presents with anxiety and mild bruises.

The three minors’ grandmother, who reacted to the name of 62-year-old Margarita Pertuz Chiquillo, is also vulnerable as she suffered multiple trauma and head injury with a 20-centimeter head injury.

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The other injured is 93-year-old Beatriz Rincón Avendaño, who has multiple trauma.

Aviation reported that it has sent a commission from Bogota to conduct rigorous investigations to determine whether there was a mechanical failure or a pilot error while performing take-off maneuvers.

A child who was hit by a plane that skidded off the runway in Santa Marta has died.

Vallenato singer-songwriter Alejandro Sarmiento has survived a motorcycle accident.

The college student who died in a tragedy in Nariño was excited to see his girlfriend.

by Roger Urieles
WEATHER FOR Santa Marta@rogeruv

Source: Exame

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